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Tea House | Eiko + Koma
Tea House
photo by Eric Bissel

Tea House (2011)

Tea House was first constructed as the inner space of Naked that was a part of Eiko & Koma's career exhibition, Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty at Chicago MCA. When presented as living installation Naked, Eiko & Koma laid on a small island of black feathers in the foreground of a pool of water and a few feet away from viewers who sat in the Tea House. In their absence, the same Tea House became a video installation Naked.

Tea House was redesigned as the center piece of another exhibition Residue, first presented in the Astor Gallery of the New York Public Library for Performing Arts. This time, Tea House was placed in the middle of a gallery with a pool of water in the center onto which a newly made video was projected. The structure of Tea House, the center pool,  the video and the gallery itself were all square shaped. Frozen bottles of water were hung above, which, throughout the day, dropped melted water onto the projected image. This spare and random sound accompanied the projected image on the water, which also reflected the textured walls with fluttering black feathers within the Tea House. Visitors sat on cushions around the pool and meditated on nakedness.

In the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, the same video installation Tea House was built alone in the vast theater lobby during the week of Fragile engagement. This time people entering the room could hear Kronos's music at low volume.  During the daytime, Tea House became a place of reflection and in the night Tea House was visited by many of Fragile audience members.