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Precarious | Eiko + Koma
photo by Ian Douglas

Precarious (2016)

Feb. 27 and Mar. 5, 7pm - 10pm
St Mark's Church, 2nd Ave at 10th Street, New York City

Nine dance artists were invited to select a place inside St. Mark's Church and all perform simultaneously over three hours.

Audiences were free to move throughout the church with performances occurring both in the sanctuary as well as other locations throughout the building.

Feb. 27: Participants: Beth Gill, Neil Greenberg, Koma, Jimena Paz, Polly Motley, Donna Uchizono, Arturo Vidich, Eiko

Mar. 5: Participants: Michelle Boulé, Beth Gill, Neil Greenberg, Koma, Jimena Paz, Arturo Vidich, Geo Wyeth, EIko

Judy Hussie Taylor gave the artists this quote by philosopher Judith Butler about grief and mourning as a point of departure:

When we lose certain people, or when we are dispossessed from a place, or a community, we may simply feel that we are undergoing something temporary, that mourning will be over and some restoration of prior order will be achieved. But maybe when we undergo what we do, something about who we are is revealed, something that delineates the ties we have to others, that shows us that these ties constitute what we are, ties or bonds that compose us. . . ― Judith Butler, Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence 

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