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Raven | Eiko + Koma
photo by Witjak Widhi Cahya

Raven (2010)

From a program note for Danspace Project, 2010:

Raven is the center piece of our Retrospective Project.
Because our Retrospective Project changes its offerings depending on the venues and communities we visit, we wanted to make one piece that is a constant to the project. But, as such, the piece has to be scalable and adaptable so we can perform it in a theater, gallery or an outdoor site, as a full-evening piece or as a part of an evening. Raven is inspired by remembering Land (1991) and it also carries the theme of hunger that we have been thinking about the last few years. It is on this hungry land that the image of a raven came in. The set consists of canvas cloth that we scorched and burned. With the help of friends, we got black feathers from Indonesia and Cambodia. A raven is a scavenger, but our black hairs can sensually relate to a raven's shining black feathers. We may be cousins or lovers.

It has been wonderful to reconnect with Robert Mirabal who composed the score of Land nearly two decades ago and toured with us for several years. For Raven he expanded the score from a song from Land and decided to perform live for this occasion. We are grateful for his contribution.

- Eiko & Koma

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