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With Emmanuelle Huynh | Eiko + Koma
With Emmanuelle Huynh
photo by Lucile Adam

With Emmanuelle Huynh (2015, 2016)

Emmanuelle Huynh and Eiko Otake met in February 2013. Emmanuelle came to Eiko with lots of questions and curiosity for her being exiled from Japan in America, dancing, teaching, parenting, and taking care of old parents. Questions that Emmanuelle shares as a second generation exiled person, artist, teacher, and parent. Political questions, artistic and personal issues  appeared immediately, equally important in their discussions. Emmanuelle proposed that both moving and talking would witness their encounter in presence of the public. Eiko named it Talking Duet. Since that period, they try to invite each other in their singular professionnal context to go on in the process of getting to know each other and meeting in public. Each time, they update their questions, persist in their obsessions, try to bring into the studio their own actuality and the world's reality.

They performed their Talking Duet in Brussels in 2015, at 2015 River To River Festival, 2016 Danspace Project Platform, and UC Berkeley in 2016.