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A Successful Expedition to the Walker | Eiko + Koma
A Successful Expedition to the Walker

A Successful Expedition to the Walker

  • The Wisconsin Union Directorate Artblog, November 22, 2010

Twelve WUD art committee members made a voyage to Minneapolis today to visit the Walker Art Center and dealt with snow, food babies, fog, and a mild parking fiasco. At least one van discussed baby names and youtube videos in surprising depth.

The walker is full of impressive work, but “Naked” by Eiko and Koma truly transcended everything else. It is a performance piece that lasts for six hours a day, six days a week, creating a “living installation” with dimensions that extend “beyond the existing gallery space and the immediate moment. The installation consists of two performance artists lying in a nest-like pile of feathers and paper, in room constructed of the same materials. The space is warm. dark, and filled with the sound of dripping water.

The intended focus seems to be time, but I saw death. Their bodies looked broken in awkwardly curled positions, and their movements were painful in their deliberate slowness. Glowingly pale skin stretched over prominent yet delicate bones. This portrayal declining physical state with the almost inviting space spoke to me of defeat. Motivation to struggle for life was being lost to the temptation of lying down in this space and slowly fading away.

Maybe it was a result of over-caffination, lack of sleep, or my first snow sighting of the year, but I found myself holding back tears. Whatever the reason, I had a powerful reaction to the installation. And isn’t that what art intends to provoke? I hope to visit again over thanksgiving break.

Some other highlights from the Walker included Klein’s glowing ultramarines and the salon style “binoculars and benches” room. The gallery assistant nerd in me had fun playing with all the possibilities for arrangements, and thinking about how radically the dialogue between the pieces could change with just a little rearranging.

So basically, how long until the next trip?