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Eiko and Ann/Echo and Land | Eiko + Koma
Eiko and Ann/Echo and Land

Eiko and Ann/Echo and Land

Eiko will collaborate with American choreographer and interdisciplinary artist Ann Carlson to create a new performance work.  Throughout their individual careers, Ann and Eiko have made works exploring the delicate relationship between humans and nature, placing their bodies and the audience in direct interaction and conversation with landscapes, animals, and man-made sites or spaces that have been significantly influenced or destroyed by human behavior and adaptation. They will travel both together and separately to several U.S. locations, such as Alaska and Wyoming, that are dramatically different but similarly fragile in the context of our ecologically changing world.

Drawing on their individual artistic histories and current shared experiences as aging artists who willfully witness the changing landscapes of their bodies and the changing ecological landscapes of the U.S. and Japan, Eiko and Ann will create a duet that places themselves physically and vulnerably within nature. They will perform in different communities and create media works based on each individual landscape, which they will bring to other communities and performance spaces.

They will engage in continued conversations and explorations between landscapes and humans, between performers and audience members, and between collaborators. The theme is fragility of both human lives and those of other species, as well as that of the land.

Landscape is a body and the body is a landscape. They are both deeply connected and always are moving.

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