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With William Johnston | Eiko + Koma
With William Johnston
photo by Mark Poucher

With William Johnston

Eiko has been collaborating with historian and photographer William Johnston since 2014 in creating A Body in Fukushima, a series of photographs, by going to post nuclear disaster Fukushima, Japan. The collaboration was first conceived as a part of her solo project: A Body in Places and was shown in communities where she toured her solos. But soon it became clear to Eiko that the collaboration with Johnston was not only about only bringing Fukushima into a dialogue, but also about a duet between a photographer and dancer/performer.

For that reason, Eiko will bring various form of A Body in Fukushima into her Duet Project, especially where their Fukushima work has not been seen.

Eiko and Johnston met in 2005 and, prior to this artistic collaboration, had co-taught courses in Wesleyan University on the atomic bombings and mountaintop removal mining. Eiko visited Fukushima alone in 2011 soon after earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdowns hit the area.  She then invited Johnston to collaborate in their subsequent trips: 2014 winter and summer, 2016 summer, and 2017 summer. In all, the photographs by Johnston capture Eiko’s movements and gestures as well as the evolving landscape over their four visits.

William Johnston's website