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Delicious Movement Workshop in Tokyo 2017 | Eiko + Koma
Delicious Movement Workshop in Tokyo 2017
Photo by William Johnston

Delicious Movement Workshop in Tokyo 2017

In June 2017, Eiko taught three full day intensive workshop to people of all ages and background at Tokyo University's Komaba campus.  As a part of the workshop, Eiko performed outdoor bringing viewers to various places within the campus. This was the first time that a group of students who either had taken Eiko's class or had seen her perform produced an interdisciplinary course. They produced Eiko's workshop in Japan to promote dialogues between different people and did an amazing job in generating many applicants, selecting the participants, securing the funds from both in Japan and in the US, making it happen in the University of Tokyo's Komaba campus, and providing translations for English-only speakers. They requested Eiko to teach an intensive course that included movement exploration, reading, writing, guest lectures, discussions, drawing, and a performance. They also ensured that there was a diverse group of people with different ages, professions, nationalities, and concerns.

As such, it was a meaningful learning experience for all. Thank you to Kotaro, Kaito, and Shingo!

the article on the Asahi Shimbun by Ryuichi Kotano
Kotaro Aoki's report in Japanese
Kotaro's Aoki's report in English