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Remembering Fukushima: Epilogue (2017) | Eiko + Koma

Remembering Fukushima: Epilogue (2017)

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This performance closed the Remembering Fukushima event on March 11, 2017 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.. Eiko danced with pipe Organ played by Ronald Ebrecht, black feathers, and DonChristian Jones.
Eiko had been working at the Cathedral since fall of 2016, as part of her three year appointment as the artist-in-residence there. The event was organized by Eiko for the sixth anniversary of the Fukushima disasters, and included talks, performances, and artworks by her friends, former students, and other collaborators. Dedicated to her late friend, writer and atomic bomb survivor Kyoko Hayashi, the event reflected on the ongoing disaster, its place in history and dark implications for the future.
Camera by Alexis Moh. Edit by Eiko and Alexis Moh