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A Body in Hong Kong | Eiko + Koma
A Body in Hong Kong

A Body in Hong Kong

This December, Eiko was in Hong Kong for a residency with Mobile M Plus: Live Art series presented by West Kowloon Cultural District's Hong Kong's new museum for visual arts and culture, M Plus.  Its Chief Curator, Doryun Chong, had produced Eiko & Koma at MoMA in 2013 and saw Eiko's A Body in a Station at Fulton Center this summer. Eiko's performances in Hong Kong mark the first engagement of her solo project A Body in Places outside of the US.

On the day of her first performance, organizers found that the Tim Mei Avenue Footbridge, where the performance was to be and where Eiko rehearsed the day before, was filled with thousands of domestic workers in line for their visa renewal. "Why on Sunday?"  asked Eiko. The answer was,  "Because that is the only day the workers do not have work." When the team arrived at the site, the bridge was filled not only with these women but also all their litter as they had to be there all day, eating and socializing while standing in line. In addition, the nearby plaza was filled with demonstrators who gathered to calling for a wage increase. The voices repeating their demands were loud. The Eiko, curatorial team, and staff quickly gathered to revise the day's plans. Eiko had to give up her choreographed path and the result was the following:

Eiko stood by the highway near the government building that, one year previous, thousands of tents had occupied for three months. The audience members who came to the crowded bridge as per the announced event information, found Eiko below it. They saw cars run by and passersby look at or ignore Eiko. Soon a person who was leaving the demonstration found her lying on the plaza and tried to help her, thinking she was seriously sick. He was utterly sincere and seemed not to notice that Eiko was in costume and makeup. As he tried to get more people to help Eiko, the festival organizer approached him to let him know that it was a performance, pointing out the audience above who were witnessing the whole ordeal.

Then Eiko moved on to the larger plaza above followed by viewers and cameras. She led people to another bridge that crossed over the highways, and she ended her performance there holding her hands high in a surrender forum in the midst of a cheering crowd.

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More performances are planned this weekend at West Kowloon Cultural District area. The video of A Body in Fukushima will be shown at Connecting Space. The video piece is a product of her ongoing collaboration with photographer William Johnston and is created with his images of her dancing in the desolate landscapes of Fukushima in 2014.

Performance and Other Activities: info

Tuesday 8.12. – 19:00-21:00
Live Art: An Evening of Conversations at Connecting Space (with Doryun Chong, Lin Yilin, Pak Sheung Chuen, Pauline Yao)
Connecting Space, North Point

Delicious movement Workshop
Wednesday 9.12. – 19:30- 21:20
Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui

Sunday 6.12. – 4:00-5:00
Tim Mei Avenue Footbridge, Admiralty

Friday 11.12.- 5:00-6:00
West Kowloon Cultural District area
Saturday 12.12 –5:00-6:00
West Kowloon Cultural District area

A Body in Fukushima, the full video piece, will play at on Dec 4-14 from 11:00-19:00, (Monday to Sunday) at Connecting Space Hong Kong (Fort Street, North Point, Emil building underground No. 18-20)

More info from the Mobile M Plus: Live Arts website
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