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A Body in an Observatory | Eiko + Koma
A Body in an Observatory
photo by William Johnston

A Body in an Observatory

On Nov 6-7, 2015, Eiko performed at her last location for the Wesleyan Fall '15 performance series of A Body in Places at the Van Vleck Observatory, in commemoration of the observatory's hundred-year anniversary. The historic 20" refracting telescope is one of the world's largest still in operation, and under the care of Astronomer Roy Kilgard, who was included in Eiko's dance with the telescope as its operator.

Excerpt from Eiko's program notes:
"Beautiful, is the seemingly endless cosmos that continues expanding. Time and distance entwine in seeing stars and far into space. Beautiful, also, is the human curiosity striving for far places. It makes me feel a bit fearful, however, how far humans strive. Our body meanwhile remains our commonality (yet unknown), a vehicle to other places, a home to rest, and a reminder of our very limits of both the length and space that one person's life occupies. My body is my measuring stick."

Special Thanks to Roy Kilgard
Photos by William Johnston