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Danspace Project's PLATFORM 2016 | Eiko + Koma
Danspace Project's PLATFORM 2016
photo by William Johnston

Danspace Project's PLATFORM 2016

Platform is a month-long curated program of Danspace Project in East Village, New York City. Eiko is both the subject of the 10th annual Platform titled, A BODY IN PLACES and a collaborator of its curators, Director Judy Hussie-Taylor and Program Director Lydia Bell.  And as such, Eiko is fully engaged in planning her solo performances, and in exposing/expanding/examining/revealing herself as an artist and as a person.

This is a singular opportunity for Eiko to examine the theme of a body intimately relating to a particular place and to share her concerns with the downtown dance community and audiences at large.

The program will take place February 15 - March 22, 2016. 
Check Day to day schedule

MON- FRI. Eiko's daily solo Performance
Mon.at 9 am, Tue. at noon, Wed. at 3 pm, Thurs. at 6 pm, Fri. at 9 pm.
Feb. 29 - Mar.18
16 public solo performances and five previews on and off-site around St. Mark's Church in the East Village.
On Mar. 19, she wllll perform at midnight to end the series.

TUE. Weekly Installations by Eiko
Feb 20, Mar.1, Mar.8 Mar.15.

TUE. Weekly Special Event and Talks:Artists Reponses
at 7pm
Feb 20, Paul Chan & Claudia La Rocco
Mar. 1. Poetry readings
Mar.8, DonChristian Jones
Mar 15. Eiko with special guests

WED. Weekly Delicious Movement Workshops
Taught by Eiko (open to non-dancers).
Feb. 17, 24, Mar. 2, 9. 16.

WED. Weekly Film Series
Curated and introduced by Eiko. 
at 7pm
Feb. 17, 24, Mar. 2, 9. 16, 23

THURS. Weekly Book Club
at 7 pm
Participants will discuss readings selected by Eiko.
Authors for this week include:Kenzaburo OE, Kyoko HAYASHI.
RSVP for each week's book club at danspaceproject.org.
RSVP will be followed up with readings for the week.
Feb 25, Mar. 3, 10, 17. Inquiries to info@eikoandkoma.org

FRI. Mar.11,  Conversations Without A Wall: Panels and talks

FRI-SAT. Mar 11-12. 24-HOUR Exhibition of A Body in Fukushima in the sanctuary of St. Mark’s Church.
Mar.11,10 pm-Mar.12, 10 pm.
Lighting design by Kathy Kaufmann in collaboration with Eiko. 
All photographs are by William Johnston and show Eiko in the tsunami and radiation-damaged landscape of post-disaster Fukushima.

TWO SAT. Talking Duets
7-10 pm
Eiko and other invited artists move and engage in spoken discourse.
Feb. 20:  Participants: David Brick, Emmanuelle Huynh, John Kelly, Bebe Miller, and Eiko. Moderator: Judy-Hussie Taylor
Mar. 19,  Participants: David Brick, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Yvonne Meier, Elizabeth Streb and Eiko.  Moderator: Laura Flanders

TWO SAT. The Precarious
Eight artists performing in places of their choice in St. Mark’s Church.
Feb.27: Participants: Beth Gill, Neil Greenberg, Koma, Jimena Paz, Polly Motley, Donna Uchizono, Arturo Vidich, Eiko
Mar.5: Participants: Michelle Boulé, Beth Gill, Neil Greenberg, Koma, Jimena Paz, Arturo Vidich, Geo Wyeth, EIko

The publication of the Platform catalogue, will include commissioned essays, photographs of Eiko’s performances in -various places, excerpts from Eiko’s past writing, and transcribed conversations between Eiko and invited artists. The catalogue will be available for purchase at all the Platform programs.

Danspace web page will share Eiko’s reflections, photos, and videos of performances and activities.
The site will function as the continuation of the printed Platform catalogue.