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Two Women with Tomoe Aihara | Eiko + Koma
Two Women with Tomoe Aihara
photo by William Johnston

Two Women with Tomoe Aihara (2014)

Two Women is a female duet Eiko choreographed and performed with Tomoe Aihara from Japan. It is the first experiment that Eiko directed solely. Choreographing a duet for and with another woman was new to Eiko. This was also part of the process toward creating her first solo work A Body in a Station  that was performed in October 2014 in Philadelphia.

Tomoe Aihara is a dancer and scholar who lives in Tokyo. She has studied with Eiko occasionally over the past 15 years and participated in several Delicious Movement workshops.

Two Japanese women with a 20-year age difference explored how they shared (or not) certain desires and aesthetics. Eiko also examined how her movement vocabulary and the sense of time could be digested (or not) by a different person. Two bodies sometimes mirror each other in part or collide into one. As two Japanese women performing together for the occasion, the focus was on their age difference and the pulling and pushing that occur between generations.

The work was conceived and created during Eiko's residency in the LMCC studio at Governors Island. It is rare that a work can be created where it is to be performed. Using natural light and no music, the work happens in the site as is, raw and odd. The set and costumes are designed and handcrafted by Eiko.

River to River Festival
June, 20 and 22 at 2:00 pm

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