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Poems by Forrest Gander "Eiko & Koma" published | Eiko + Koma
Poems by Forrest Gander

Poems by Forrest Gander "Eiko & Koma" published

In June 2013, New Direction published Eiko & Koma,  a poem book by Forrest Gander.

In tribute to Eiko & Koma, the acclaimed American poet Forrest Gander has written a mesmerizing series of poems — hinging around a dance schematic — that captures and extends the dancers’ performance with lyrical intensity and vividness.

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For two years I followed them, taking notes as they developed new work, interviewing them between rehearsals, watching them perform in New York, Durham, Minneapolis, Providence. In Minneapolis, where they accepted a long residency at the Walker, I stayed all day for several days in a row.
I came to write a series of poems based on specific performances that I’ve witnessed over a span of twenty years. Not description, but enactment in another medium.
Forrest Gander