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Video Installation: Residue of Nakedness | Eiko + Koma
Video Installation: Residue of Nakedness
photo by Heather Oelklaus

Video Installation: Residue of Nakedness (2012)

Co-curated by Jessica Larsen of  IDEA Space and Eiko, Residue of Nakedness is a video installation comprising 16 videos in which Eiko & Koma perform without a costume. Recognizing no video can carry what happens in a live performance, this installation does not attempt to replicate that experience. Instead, Eiko considers performance video footage as raw material, a resource from which she can create a new artwork. In this sculptural installation, the videos illuminate a choice Eiko & Koma made that is rare in the performance art field: a sustained display of a pair’s physical and metaphorical nakedness.

The taller sculptural frames contain videos of live performances; some are time-compressed, while others allow a full performance to unfold. Each calls for different levels of physical endurance and visual attention. The shorter sculptural frames contain videos that are especially created as independent media works; these pieces were choreographed specially for camera. In addition to the sculptural frames, projected are full performance videos of Night Tide from three consecutive days of performances in 2010. The movements are choreographed but not timed to music. Surrounding a viewer, this trilogy reveals subtle variations within the choreography.

From November 27-December 18, 2012, Colorado College , Colorado Springs, CO

Residue of Nakedness was made possible in part by the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards program.

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