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Naked: Video Installation | Eiko + Koma
Naked: Video Installation
photo by Nathan Keay

Naked: Video Installation (2011)

Constructed as a part of exhibition Time is Not Even Space Is Not Empty at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, this installation was a variation created from living installation Naked that was commissioned and presented at the Walker Art Center in 2010.

With an intention to create a destination within the larger exhibition,  Eiko & Koma created a large water pool at the end of the gallery. Facing that water was a smaller structure they called a “Tea House” created with the same drops that were used in Naked. In the Tea House, during the opening week and the closing week of the five month long MCA exhibition, Eiko & Koma performed Naked live six or more hours a day. Instead of dirt that was used in the original Naked, this water became the mysterious background to Eiko & Koma's bodies placed on the near bank. The rest of the run of the exhibition, Naked was shown as a video installation.

The same water became the reflective foreground when, with the absence of Eiko & Koma, a long loop of a low angle video of Naked was projected onto the dark background right above the water, obliterating the usual video “frame.” A quiet motor placed within the pond gave a slight movement to the water surface just enough to disturb a otherwise serene reflection of the projected image.  Together the projection and its reflection created illusions: for some two nameless naked bodies moving at the far end of the pond and for others the memories of Eiko & Koma’s live performance.