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3,740 people visited Naked at BAC | Eiko + Koma
3,740 people visited Naked at BAC
photo by Anna Lee Campbell

3,740 people visited Naked at BAC

The two week run of the living installation Naked closed April 9. In total, 3,740 people came to see Eiko & Koma. On the closing night, the line stretched to 10th Avenue! Many friends, including Baryshnikov, made a point of being at BAC to applaud when Eiko & Koma closed, after 44 hours of performance, with a bow.

Two side products of the run were successful in attracting many visitors, as well. Eiko & Koma created a video installation in the adjoining studio so as to present the entire 6th floor as a part of the them of naked.

Two talks on Saturday afternoons, one with Doryun Chong and Judy-Hussie-Taylor and one with Miwako Tezuka and Forrest Gander, examined themes of nakedness and intimacy. We will have video excerpts of those talks available shortly.

Thanks to everyone who came to see Eiko & Koma!

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