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Tweet Review | Eiko + Koma

Tweet Review

  • 2010 Dance Critics Institute

Tweet Reviews below are written by dance critics who participated in 2010 Dance Critics Institute

Between Struggle and Ecstasy
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
Moving between difficult and ecstatic struggle, Eiko & Koma tense and surrender over the course of an evening and a life. - Lisa Kraus

Real Time Retrospective
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
140 characters is all you get. Ready, set, Eiko + Koma.

eiko & koma retrospective - so much history on 1 stage. so rare and special to revisit a prolific dance career in real time -- Stephanie Glickman

Limbs Articulate Micromovements
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
Intense limbs articulate micromovements unhurriedly in Eiko + Koma's Retrospective Project. Though subtle, the dance is potent. -- Claire Spera

Tell No Story
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
Eiko & Koma did not tell a story, their works can be regarded as a visual metaphor about life and fate. -- Mu Yu

Nakedness Is More Difficult
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
"Nakedness is more difficult now that our bodies are changing," said 58-year-old Eiko Otake after performing nude at ADF Monday. -- Elizabeth Schwyzer

Diving Into Texture
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
Watching Eiko + Koma is like diving into layers of texture. You don't need lots of movement when you have this kind of depth. -- Meryl Cates

No Robert Wilson Opera
By Celeste Fraser Delgado
Not like a Robert Wilson opera -slow, Eiko & Koma retrospect a shared life well performing, gaze into their world and ours.-- Emily Hite

Growth Is Decay Is Growth
By Celeste Fraser Delgado 
Eiko and Koma prove that stillness and motion are the same. Growth is decay is still growth...Mary Love Hodges