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Eiko & Koma return to ProjectSite | Eiko + Koma
Eiko & Koma return to ProjectSite
photo by Kazunobu Yanagi

Eiko & Koma return to ProjectSite

Eiko & Koma are back on ProjectSite. Please support Eiko & Koma as they create a new living installation, Naked.

In our first try asking financial support for a specific project, we could not reach the goal. So regrettably your pledge did not go through. However, United States Artists invited Eiko & Koma to try again.

ProjectSite was created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in the creativity of American artists collectively and individually by encouraging personal encounters and choices. Eiko & Koma were honored with a United States Artists Fellowship when it was first created in 2006.

ProjectSite is a community where artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (of any size, all of which are tax deductible) in new projects created by each artist. US Artists envisioned ProjectSite as the first Internet site that allows direct public donations between art patrons and pre-selected artists on the Internet.

Eiko & Koma have been asked to join a test site to measure its effectiveness and also to potentially benefit from its experiment. ProjectSite is still in a “closed Alpha” stage in which only a limited artists have been selected as tests to see how the site works. Please tell your friends and family members, so as to expand our/their reach. 

Keep your eye on Eiko & Koma on ProjectSite.