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38 Works by Eiko & Koma | Eiko + Koma
38 Works by Eiko & Koma
photo by Johan Elbers

38 Works by Eiko & Koma (2009-2012)

This video was produced as a part of Eiko & Koma's exhibition Time is not Even, Space is not Empty which opened at the Zilkha Gallery in Wesleyan University in the fall of 2009. Edited by Eiko with assistance of Tara Kelton and Shoko Letton, 36 Works by Eiko & Koma shows the trajectory of Eiko & Koma's career through short excerpts of most of their works created between 1976 (the year they arrived in the US) and 2009 (the year they started the Retrospective Project). 36 minutes.