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Raven | Eiko + Koma
photo by Edwin Adhiputra

Raven (2010)

Designed as the centerpiece of Eiko & Koma’s three-year Retrospective Project, Raven is a radically scalable work. It can be performed in a theater, a gallery, outdoors, or at any other special site, and its length can vary depending on the context of the presentation. Raven’s genesis is in the concept underlying Eiko & Koma’s 1991 Land. The earth is precious in part because it can be unyielding. The landscape does not squander its riches on us; we have to negotiate our survival. Thinking this way, and remembering the pungent street smells from their childhood in post-war Japan, Eiko & Koma add this dimension by scorching the set. The odor of burnt material becomes an aspect of the work and reminds us that it is not only we humans who are hungry; the animals and spirits and the earth itself are hungry for nourishment and for intimacy.

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