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The Atomic Bomb: A Study in Movement and History | Eiko + Koma

The Atomic Bomb: A Study in Movement and History

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A short documentary about the course dancer/choreographer Eiko Otake co-taught with History Professor William Johnston at Wesleyan University, ‘Japan and the Atomic Bomb.’ The seminar combines intensive study of the history, politics and human experiences of the atomic bombings with a movement lab that focuses on body awareness. The film explores how this unlikely teaching pair encourages students to engage with this difficult subject.

Wesleyan University, Japan and Atomic Bomb, Spring 2009
This course combines the study of the atomic bombings, artistic representations of massive violence, and movement study

Wesleyan University, Delicious Movement for Forgetting, Remembering and Uncovering, Spring 2008
This course combines the "Delicious Movement Workshop" and the study of postwar Japanese arts with a focus on artists who assume the role of public intellectuals and who represent the memories of World War II.

Essay by Eiko and Yuskei Murayama
Dancing Through History: Reflections on the course work