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Fluttering Black | Eiko + Koma
Fluttering Black
Marian Gray

Fluttering Black (1979)

For this piece’s premiere at Performance Garage, Glenn Branca composed music specifically for Eiko & Koma and played live with his three-person band, Static. Later named “The Spectacular Commodity (for Eiko & Koma)” the music is included on his album The Ascension (1981). Eiko & Koma as well as three musicians performed this 20-minute piece with blindfolds and earplugs, not able to hear or see to synchronize music or dance. The concept was later extended to make a 60-minute event when Isamu Noguchi and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art invited Eiko & Koma to perform alongside Noguchi’s exhibition. For that occasion, Eiko & Koma hung a large black flag and beat it during the performance.