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With John Killacky | Eiko + Koma
With John Killacky
Photo by Jean Cross

With John Killacky

John R. Killacky and Eiko became friends when he was a director of performing arts at the Walker Art Center.  Their friendship grew throughout the years he had engaged Eiko & Koma in various places where John was an curator, presenter and video artist. Eiko screened his short films as a part of her Danspace's Platform. John is now a hard working Vermont State Democratic Representative.

John Killacky's website
John Killacky's video works and writings

Eiko invited John to her Duet Project in July 2018 when both attended a tree planting in memory of Sam Miller, their mutual close friend. John proposed to create a video work in which both of them speak to their dead mothers. The work was prepared by long distance communication and was produced with the support of Vermont PBS in November 2019. John and Eiko deeply acknowledge and thank Brian Stevenson as a collaborator. Brian lighted,  shot, edited and offered many ideas, suggestions and guidance. Jeanmarie Cross took production photos.  Thank you Brian and Jean. Also special thanks to Larry Connolly for his help and support.
production photos by Jean Cross