Duet With DonChristian Jones
photo by DonChristian

Duet With DonChristian Jones

Working with DonChristian Jones marks the beginning of EIko's new project, The Duet Project. Eiko met DonChristian Jones when he was a student in Eiko's course at Wesleyan University.  In February of 2016 Eiko invited DonChristian to perform in her installation during her Danspace Platform, A BODY IN PLACES, a 6-week series of performances and other activities focusing on Eiko's solo work. They also performed a duet at the end of the four-hour event, Remembering Fukushima on March 11, 2017. DonChristian joined Eiko at the Rauschenberg Residency for ten days in November-December 2017. Together they created the following videos, parts of which will be shown in Eiko's Duet Project. All edits are by Eiko.

"Run!" (2019)
Performance excerpt (2018)
Night (2017)
Drowned (2017)
Room (2017)
Se a(2017)
Hose (2017)
Visitor (2017)
Tree (2017)
Soak (2017)
Visit (2017)

Philly native DonChristian Jones is a New York based, visual artist, rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer. His work spans musical and time based performance, rap mixtapes, video and public murals, blending genres of painting and hip hop, referencing classical and contemporary styles. Much of his work today is informed by his time spent painting murals on Rikers Island with youth inmates. Don has shown and performed at venues such as The Whitney Museum, MoMA Ps1, “Where There’s Smoke,” released in July 2018, is DonChristian’s first studio album.http://www.donchristian.world/