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  • New School, Delicious Movement, Spring 2014
  • This course contemplates metaphorical nakedness through interdisciplinary discourse. Taught by NYC-based artist Eiko Otake, of Eiko & Koma, students will examine how being or becoming a mover reflects and alters each person’s relationships with the environment, with history, and with other beings. Students will participate in movement explorations; watch films; read volumes of essays and literature; write journal entries; attend mandatory out-of-class activities; and create final projects with a paper. Topics of study and discussion include Eiko & Koma’s aesthetic and inspirations, atomic bomb literature, and post-war Japan. No dance/movement experience necessary, but willingness to explore and share is a must. Read an article on the New School Newspaper [LINK http://blogs.newschool.edu/news/2014/03/new-way-move/]"A New Way to Move"[LINK]
  • New School, Private Body/Public Place, Spring 2014
  • In this course, students will work closely with NYC-based artist Eiko Otake, of Eiko & Koma, in moving, creating, and sharing ideas. The class will start in the safety of a studio and move towards exposing one’s body (and mind) in public places. In learning movement exercises, students are encouraged to develop individual practice and perspectives. Through both preparing and experiencing durational performances, we will explore intimacy, anonymity, and hesitation. Together and individually, we will contemplate on what it is to perform.
  • Wesleyan University, Reflection on Nakedness, Spring 2012
  • Middletown, CT
  • Through movement classes and discussions, the course makes active use of the fact that the instructor is a working movement artist (as Eiko & Koma) who grew up in postwar Japan. We will read literature and see artwork and films that connect to the idea of nakedness, a core theme of Eiko & Koma's work. What is it to be naked?
  • New School, Delicious Movement, Winter 2011
  • New York, NY
  • This course combines movement study and an examination of Eiko & Koma's artistic process and influences as seen through their living installation, Naked, at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
  • Sustained Mourning by Eiko
  • Worked off from her's master thesis, in this essay Eiko describes "sustained mourning" as one of Eiko & Koma's continuous motifs.