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Talking Duets | Eiko + Koma
Talking Duets
photo by Ian Douglas

Talking Duets (2016)

Talking Duets is a playful structured improvisational score created and performed by French choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh and Eiko with Judy Hussie-Taylor as the time-keeper and moderator. It was premiered during LMCC's River to River Festival last summer by Eiko and Huynh. The score is now expanded to include a diverse range of artists for them to move and engage in spoken discourse.

Feb. 20: David Brick, Emmanuelle Huynh, John Kelly, Bebe Miller, and Eiko.
Moderated by Judy Hussie-Taylor

Mar 19: David Brick, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Yvonne Meier, Elizabeth Streb and Eiko. 
Moderated by Laura Flanders

Curator's Note by Judy Hussie-Taylor

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