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Water | Eiko + Koma
photo by Kevin Yatarola

Water (2011)

From a program note for Lincoln Center Outdoors 2011:

Water has been one of the most important and frequent elements in our work. For Elegy (1984) we created two shallow pools of water on stage, one for each of us. In Thirst (1985) we danced our thirst for water and intimacy. For Passage (1989), the entire theater floor was flooded with water, which also oozed down the back wall and dripped from many spots overhead. We performed our 1995 outdoor work River in eleven different bodies of water, including a lake, a pond and a fountain. For the proscenium version of River, we constructed a shallow “river” on stage, on the shore of which Kronos Quartet played Somei Satoh’s commissioned full-evening score live.

In creating and performing Water, we “remember” these pieces, our movements, different waters, and our desire to repeatedly submerge ourselves in water. In this most urban landscape of midtown Manhattan, we also intend to remember and imagine the ancient water all living things came from and each of us was born from. Finally, many recent disasters remind us that water’s seeming calm is illusory.