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Book Club | Eiko + Koma

Book Club

  • Feb. 25, Mar 3, 10, and 17 at 7pm. 2016
  • St Mark's Church, 2nd Ave at 10th St, New York City
  • Eiko is leading her first book club as a part of Danspace Project's Platform 2016, A BODY IN PLACES. Reading is organized with particular places as a theme. 
    FREE RVSP on the Danspace Project website or call at (212) 674-8112
    To reserve through Danspace Project's website, please follow the "Buy Tickets" form by clicking on the time/day you would like to attend. The ticket will cost $0.00

    Eiko's Book Club will meet each Thursday evening at 7 pm at Danspace Project in the church sanctuary.

    Eiko writes,
    As part of Platform 2016, I share with my audience members and beyond the writings of the authors who have deeply moved and influenced me. During Danspace Project's month-long Platform 2016, I will lead a weekly book club, where those who are interested can join me to discuss and share their impressions and reflections on the works of my favorite authors. Among them are Kenzaburo Oe and Kyoko Hayashi, the two authors whose entire works I have made a point of reading (in Japanese) over the decades. I imagine their words and thoughts reside in my body. For this book club, I have organized each week’s readings to illuminate a particular place or places. These places, what happened there, and the traces of these events and times significantly impacted my thinking and how I regard the world I live and work in.

    February 25
    1st Week: POSTWAR TOKYO
    1.Ango SAKAGUCHI (1906-1955). “In the Forest Under Cherries in Full Bloom” (1947. P187-205. PDF)
    2. Kenzaburo OE (1935-  ). “Sheep” (1958. p 167-177 PDF)
    3.Mitsuharu KANEKO (1895-1975). "Seals"(1937)
    "The Song of Loneliness" (1945)

    Shigeru MIZUKI. Showa and History of Japan
    John Dower. Embracing Defeat
    “introduction” (19-30)  “Shattered Lives.”  (33-64) “Gifts from Heaven,”(65-84), “Kyodatsu: Exhaustion and Despair.” (85-112)

    March 3
    2nd Week: HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKIi
    Kyoko HAYASHI (1930- ) “The place of the Festival” by  Kyoko Hayashi (1975. 37 p. PDF)
    Kenzaburo OE. “Hiroshima Notes” (1965. 38P PDF)

    “The Art of Fiction” Interviewed by Sarah Fay The Paris Review (2007)

    March 10
    3rd Week: NINAMATA and FUKUSHIMA
    Michiko ISHIMURE. (1927- ). Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow: Our Minamata Disease (1969. p3-63.PDF)
    Kenzaburo OE. “History repeats” The New Yorker, March 28, 2011
    New Yorker (2011)

    Poems from Fukushima. PDF

    March 17
    4th Week: AMERICA
    Kyoko HAYASHI “From Trinity to Trinity” (1999) translated and introduced by EIko
    C.D. Wright poems
    Allen Ginsberg Howl