<i>Residue</i> at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
photo by Anna Lenn Campbell

Residue at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

  • Now open through October 30
  • The Astor Gallery, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts 111 Amsterdam Ave. (between 64th and 65th st). New York City
  • Residue features works and artifacts collected during Eiko & Koma's 40 years of collaborative art-making. Sets, costumes and videos are combined to create a multi-sensory experience that connects gallery visitors with Eiko & Koma's artistry. The centerpiece of Residue is a tea-house-like structure made of material from Eiko & Koma's 2010 living installation, Naked, commissioned by the Walker Art Center and presented at the Baryshnikov Arts Center this spring. Inside the structure, visitors can view a video installation and reflect on what it is to be naked.

    Residue is produced as a part of Eiko & Koma’s Retrospective Project. This three-year, multifaceted endeavor started in 2009 to reexamine Eiko & Koma's history and to promote deeper understanding of their body of work. As with all other facets of the Retrospective Project, Residue is created both for those familiar with and for those who are new to Eiko & Koma's work.

    Gallery Hours:
    Monday      12 noon - 8 pm
    Tuesday      12 noon - 6 pm
    Wednesday  12 noon - 6 pm
    Thursday    12 noon - 8 pm
    Friday          12 noon - 6 pm
    Saturday      12 noon - 6 pm

    Please note that the Astor gallery is located next to the Amsterdam Ave entrance ( 111 Amsterdam Ave, between 64 and 65th st) . If you enter the library from the main entrance at the Lincoln Center Plaza, take an elevator to A level.

    photo on the Home Page for this event is by Marcus Leatherdale

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