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Video Installation: California Landscapes (2019) | Eiko + Koma

Video Installation: California Landscapes (2019)

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This video shows how three projections of California Landscapes creates a three-projection video installation in an intimate gallery space. Each projection occupies an entire wall. The same three videos can also be projected on one wide wall, connecting the three videos next to each other. 

Footage used in the installation was shot at the Death Valley and Sequoia National Park, CA, during an artist residency at CAPS UCLA in April 2019. The installation was created during an artist residency at the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) at Alfred University in June 2019.

Camera of the original footage by Alexis Moh assisted by Marjorie Hunt

Choreography and edit by Eiko Otake assisted by Rebekkah Palov

Eiko is deeply grateful to CAPS UCLA and IEA.