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Remembering Fukushima | Eiko + Koma

Remembering Fukushima (March 11, 2017)

From Maggie Gundersen, President and Founding Director
    We at Fairewinds Energy Education are so honored by your use of our work. Thank you. The clips are wonderful! As the founder and president of Fairewinds, I am constantly confronted with the humanitarian and environmental justice debacle created by the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns in Japan. We work hard to reach as many people as possible around the globe. Your use of our material via your performance art reaches people who oftentimes cannot connect with the dry science. Your living art give them a visceral experience that helps them feel the magnitude of this ongoing tragedy.

From Frances Canisius
    hello....eiko....i luckily experienced your concert at st. john the divine cathedral.....i have seen you several times in different spaces...but of course never as large as the cathedral...but you managed to fill it with your presence...and the scurying and swirling was wonderful the whole production was fine....even telling us where to get water....and rice balls....good luck to you and know that it was another profound experience for all of us. until next time,                               

From Greg Hendren
    I thought the event and timing flowed smoothly.  At first when I read that the program was four hours in length I didn't know if I could stay the entire time, but I was surprised when it was five o'clock.  The event offered a wonderful mix.  The panel discussion moved easily with the program and I especially liked viewing the short video clips of the residents of Fukushima.   
    My favorite performer was John Kelly.  His forlorn voice filled the entire Cathedral and the acoustics were perfect.  You're always extraordinarily generous inviting dancers to these events, and it's terrific to see performers that I don't know.  I didn't quite understand the last dance piece with you and DonChristian Jones.  Seeing beyond the heavily weighted iconography of the pieta was difficult. 
    I thought that the clear and sensitive article in the NYT by Gia Kourlas and the dramatic photos by Sasha Arutyunova accurately described you, the upcoming performance and program.  If I didn't know your work, I would have definitely attended.  I wasn't surprised to see several hundred people.  As I'm writing this I decided to look up the circulation for the NYT.  The print edition is almost 600,000, more than any other paper in the world.  The web subscription is close to 1.5 million.  The editors added one photograph, and the images radiate on the computer screen.  You definitely expanded your audience circle! 
    One of the many details I appreciated was placing framed photos–Bill told me that they did not hold plexiglass–on the chairs.  A strange reversal was occurring.  My posture, the leaning pictures.  I also talked to Bill about the photos of you in Fukushima.  I doubt I would look at so many of the photos unless you were in the picture.  You bring focus. 
    Congratulations on your program to remember Fukushima by bringing together a wonderful group of artists and a new audience of thoughtful people.  Congratulations.