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A Body on Wall Street (2016) | Eiko + Koma

A Body on Wall Street (2016)

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Performed as the third of a three-year curatorial collaboration with the River To River Festival, "A Body on Wall Street" is the latest chapter of Eiko Otake's solo project, A Body in Places. Since 2014, Eiko has been performing her solo in decidedly un-theatrical places. A notable factor in this has been that in the absence of theater lights, Eiko can see her audience as much as they can see her. On Wall Street, the crossing of gazes was even more complex as business men and tourists mingled with intentional viewers, inevitably looking at each other as they watch or ignore her. Eiko danced in front of the Stock Exchange intending to be a nuisance.

This work is also a result of Eiko's collaboration with Alexis Moh.