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Side by Side by Riverside | Eiko + Koma
Side by Side by Riverside
Photo by William Johnston

Side by Side by Riverside

  • The New York Times, June 15, 2014
  • Gia Kourlas

The River to River Festival, presented by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, gets better every year, and this summer, two female choreographers — both integral to postmodern dance in New York — make the lineup even brighter. Eiko, the extraordinary Japanese dancer revered for her haunting collaborations with Koma, her usual male counterpart, shakes up her creative process in “Two Women,” a new duet featuring the young Japanese dancer Tomoe Aihara.

And the Trisha Brown Dance Company, celebrating a new partnership with the festival, unveils “Trisha Brown: Embodied Practice and Site-Specificity,” an exhibition conceived by the cultural council’s president, Sam Miller, that focuses on Ms. Brown’s early career as well as the art scene in 1970s New York. Along with a conversation led by the art historian Susan Rosenberg, the season features a performance of Ms. Brown’s 2011 “I’m Going to Toss My Arms — If You Catch Them They’re Yours,” recontextualized for Pier 15. If you haven’t seen a dance performance with the East River as a backdrop, now’s your chance. It’s breathtaking. (Thursday through June 29, various locations in Lower Manhattan and at Governors Island; rivertorivernyc.com.)