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11/7/13 Planning Artist-Driven Archiving focus groups | Eiko + Koma

11/7/13 Planning Artist-Driven Archiving focus groups

This week Eiko guest speaks at the three-part series Planning Artist-Driven Archives, a planning grant funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Organized by Dance Heritage Coalition and Dana Whitco, these focus groups bring together choreographers, administrators, archivists, writers, curators and more to discuss issues surrounding archiving dance.

The three sessions each focus on different aspects of performance archiving:

Archiving Artistic Legacy: how can artists creatively re-purpose or re-contextualize their legacy materials and envision their legacies through the construction of archives?

Documenting Creative Process: how can archiving become part of the creative process, rather than merely documenting products? How can artists’ intentions, methods, and working process be captured and preserved?

Documenting Creative Spaces: how can arts producers and venues archive multiple artistic legacies as well as their own institutional histories?

Through these meetings Eiko is sharing the work Eiko & Koma have done recently to explore and document their legacy such as the Retrospective Project, The Archive Project, the creation of Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty, and various exhibitions while also engaging with other artists, archivists and institutions that are grappling with same issues in their own ways.