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Narrated List of Gallery Works | Eiko + Koma

Narrated List of Gallery Works

Eiko & Koma Narrated List of Gallery Works

Residue of Nakedness (2012)
Co-curated by Eiko and Jessica Larsen of Colorado College’s IDEA Space, where the exhibition was presented, Residue of Nakedness was a video installation comprising 16 videos in which EIko & Koma perform without a costume. Recognizing no video can carry what happens in a live performance, this installation does not attempt to replicate that experience. Instead, Eiko considers performance video footage as raw material, a resource from which she can create a new artwork. In this sculptural installation, the videos illuminate a choice Eiko & Koma made that is rare in the performance art field: a sustained display of a pair’s physical and metaphorical nakedness.

Tea House (2011)
In the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, the same video installation Tea House from Residue was built alone in the vast theater lobby during the week of the Fragile performance engagement. This time people entering the room could hear Kronos's music at low volume.  During the daytime, Tea House became a place of reflection and in the night Tea House was visited by many of Fragile audience members.

Residue: an Installation by Eiko & Koma (2011)
The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts  presented Residue: an Installation by Eiko & Koma in the Astor Gallery, July 19 - October 30, 2011.
Conceived and created by Eiko & Koma, Residue featured works and artifacts collected during Eiko & Koma's 40 years of collaborative art-making. Sets, costumes and videos were combined to create a multi-sensory experience that connected gallery visitors with Eiko & Koma's artistry. The centerpiece of Residue was the Tea House made of material from Eiko & Koma's 2010 living installation, Naked, commissioned by the Walker Art Center and presented at the Baryshnikov Arts Center this spring. Inside the structure, visitors could view a video installation and reflect on what it is to be naked. Residue was shown in conjunction with Eiko & Koma's site-specific work, Water, commissioned by the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival that was performed in the reflecting pool on July 27-31, 2011.

Naked: Video Installation (2011)
Constructed as a part of the exhibition Time is Not Even Space Is Not Empty at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, this installation was a variation created from the living installation Naked, which was commissioned and presented at the Walker Art Center in 2010.
With an intention to create a destination within the larger exhibition,  Eiko & Koma created a large water pool at the end of the gallery. Facing that water was a smaller structure they called a “Tea House” created with the same drops that were used in Naked. In the Tea House, during the opening week and the closing week of the five month long MCA exhibition, Eiko & Koma performed Naked live six or more hours a day. The rest of the run of the exhibition, Naked was shown as a video installation.
A pool of water reflected a long loop of a low angle video of Naked, which was projected onto the dark background right above the water, obliterating the usual video “frame.” Together the projection and its reflection created illusions: for some two nameless naked bodies moving at the far end of the pond and for others the memories of Eiko & Koma’s live performance.

Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty (2011)
On June 24, 2011 the artists opened Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The exhibition, co-curated by Peter Taub with the artists, included a photo time-line, installations inspired by materials from Eiko & Koma's work, newly re-created Caravan Project trailer and a re-imagined version of Naked, in which Eiko & Koma performed June 24-June 28 and November 8 through 13, 2011. Assistant and artist Eric Bissel worked with Eiko & Koma as a designer and exhibition coordinator

On Nakedness: Video Installation (2011)
Eiko & Koma created a video installation at the Baryshnikov Art Center in spring 2011 to accompany their living installation Naked. The installation consisted of five video "boxes" into  which viewers could peer down at monitors showing videos of Eiko & Koma works. One video monitor was secured in a white cart, under a container of water and situated next to a mound of sea salt containing half buried, textured postcards. The video installation was intended to show the history and aesthetic of Eiko & Koma's naked works while also providing a waiting room and place for contemplation for the living installation Naked performed simultaneously at the Baryshnikov Art Center.

Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty (2009)
Eiko & Koma's work-in-progress retrospective exhibition. It was shown in Wesleyan University's Zilkha Gallery as one of the inaugural events of Eiko & Koma’s multi-year, multi-faceted Retrospective Project.