Robert Mirabal joins Eiko & Koma in Chicago and Albuquerque
Eiko & Koma with Mirabal family

Robert Mirabal joins Eiko & Koma in Chicago and Albuquerque

Robert Mirabal joined Eiko & Koma for performances of Regeneration at MCA Chicago and the North Fourth theater in Albuquerque, playing his music live for Raven and Night Tide.

While in the region, Eiko & Koma and their son Yuta visited Taos Pueblo where Robert lives and enjoyed seeing his family members and old friends again after so many years. Their sons Yuta and Shin performed in Land (1991) and visited Taos often in their childhood while their parents were creating the work with Robert. This trip reminded Eiko & Koma how Robert's family members and friends supported his working with Eiko & Koma so many years ago. Robert's family came down to Albuquerque so his daughters could see Eiko & Koma's work for the first time.

On October 1, Yuta and Eiko also visited the Trinity site, where the world's first atomic test was conducted on July 16,  1945. Eiko has translated "From Trinty to Trinity," a book by atomic bomb survivor Hyashi Kyoko about her experience visiting Trinity.  More information.

The photo above shows Robert, his three daughters, Aspen, Kona, and Masa, his wife Dawn, Eiko & Koma, and Yuta.

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