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an artist as a cultural activist | Eiko + Koma
an artist as a cultural activist
photo by Anna Lee Campbell

an artist as a cultural activist

Personal Manifesto of an Artist as a Cultural Activist

• Through art wish to move others and be moved by others

• Give art as a gift and receive art as a gift.

• Create alternative to consumer and high-tech arts = do not show money = be creatively inexpensive, poor, simple = promote low tech / quality art, not quantity art.

• Say what you want to say, say it effectively, and say it many times.

• Be available for others and be with others.

• Self-produce, co-produce and walk around letting people know that your art and your body are available.

• Be naked.

• Smell your way.

• Be actively passive and passively active. Cross boundaries.

• Cultivate, dig, be dirty, and physical. Work as a manual laborer.

• Stay marginal but center yourself.

• Stay small.

• Wear no title (if you happen to have a title, make nothing of it or do much more than required by the title).

• Stay being a foreigner. You do not have to participate in every conversation around you.

• Be a stranger and ask questions.

• Do necessary things well, but more importantly do unnecessary things passionately.

• Be mobile.

• Sustain, continue and thus be accountable.

• Be emotional and share emotions.

• Host guests and feed people.

• Linger on beautiful moments.

• Communicate, collaborate and infiltrate.

• Do not be polite.

• Touch people and their bodies sensitively.

• Not be younger or older than who you are. Respect everyone's age.

• Teach by example. Never ask credit.

• Pay your way. Only after that, ask help.

• Do not be shy to express serious matters seriously.

• Do not seek revenge.

• Be unreasonable but respect other people's rights.

• Break one rule at a time, but keep breaking.

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