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Water | Eiko + Koma
photo by Kevin Yatarola

Water (2011)

Water is a site-specific performance work co-commissioned by Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival and the Skirball Cultural Center, LA.  It premiered in the iconic Paul Milstein reflection pool on Hearst Plaza in the summer of 2011. For the New York performances, Eiko & Koma's longtime friend and Native-American musician Robert Mirabal played his score live.

In 1995, Eiko & Koma created River, which they performed in 11 different bodies of water, presented in conjunction with local environmental groups. River explored the journey downstream as a metaphor for the passage of life and time. Elegy (1984) and Passage (1989) also used water as a central element.

This work explores water as a primal and metaphorical force—a theme that has long been important to Eiko & Koma. “Water is in our bodies, rivers, sea, our wombs, and our tears,” Eiko has written.  By immersing themselves in the pool, the artists revisited motifs that have been central to their career and placed them in an urban landscape, creating a performance that evoked both the passage of time and also the mythology of water as a life force that can sustain life and take it away.

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