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Responses to Water | Eiko + Koma
Responses to <i>Water</i>
photo by Anna Lenn Campbell

Responses to Water (July 27-28, 2011)

The following are copied from Emails to Eiko & Koma and shared here with the writers' permissions.

From Rachel Cooper
Director of Performing Arts Program, Asia Society

Last night and the night before I was at Eiko and Koma’s performance at Lincoln Center. It was transformative---in that way that only Eiko and Koma can create. The slow reflection in the pool was such a visceral experience, it was as if they could rearrange the DNA flow of New York in time and space.

The first performance must have had 900 people, all still for the hour--- the frenetic city receded as some distant frame and the water became a stage that embraced us all as we watched. The haunting ragged beauty of two bodies connecting, submerged to some undefined time in history, then floating decoupled and remote, just a face in free form. A ritual of life and death-- its intersections with our common elements -- of water, fire, earth (other life forms through the tree branches and the sculptures so geological), created a clarity that spoke so powerfully of our place in this moment---this long-short moment. 

The second night had an equally deep affect on me, subtly different. A slightly smaller crowd, but equally mesmerized--. When the performance ended, the silence and quiet prevailed and many remained seated, just taking in the precious stillness. It is what I want and need from art. it feels like a pilgrimage in a way. Another way to be with the city and my life in it. I plan to go again on Sunday

From Judilee Reed
Executive Director, Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC)

The performance was so beautiful.
I hadn't thought about how the water would effect the visual richness of your work... It was stunning; each movement became its own abstract vision of the figure.

Also, I wanted to tell you that the music worked beautifully as well. I know in the past I have commented that I like your work without competing elements like flute or drum.  But in the outdoor setting with the music gently reverberating off the buildings, acting as a resting place away from competing street noise,  a sense of space emerged with you and Koma at it's center.

From Linda Stein
Graduate Assistant, English Department, Hunter College

Water was so lovely!  I loved the sight of your two faces just above the waterline, floating along, and how you and Koma collaborated with the water in so many different ways.

My favorite moment of all the great moments was near the end, when you two were clutched together with the floating candles.  Then when you stretched out, your bodies echoed the driftwood.  I also loved the music, especially the recurrent drum beat and the flute.  I also really liked the program notes, about all the connotations of water, both life-giving and destructive.

It was great that the storm happened and was over before the show began (water also!), but we were planning to come no matter what!