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On Nakedness: Video Installation | Eiko + Koma
On Nakedness: Video Installation
photo by Anna Lee Campbell

On Nakedness: Video Installation (2011)

Eiko & Koma created a video installation at the Baryshnikov Art Center in spring 2011 to accompany their living installation Naked. The installation consisted of five video "boxes" into  which viewers could peer down at monitors showing videos of Eiko & Koma works. One video monitor was secured in a white cart, under a container of water and situated next to a mound of sea salt containing half buried, textured postcards.

Videos shown underwater were Lament (1985) and Undertow (1987), both in collaboration with James Byrne. 

In the video boxes were five dances in which Eiko & Koma appear naked, all conceived and performed by Eiko & Koma: Night Tide (1984), By the River (1986), Tree (1988), Rust (1989), and Passage (1989).

The video installation was intended to show the history and aesthetic of Eiko & Koma's naked works while also providing a waiting room and place for contemplation for the living installation Naked.