Eiko & Koma's Performance in Honor of the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture

On Friday, January 21, Columbia University staff, faculty, students and guests came together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture with Eiko & Koma. Hundreds of people came, many who had never seen Eiko & Koma's work before, to see a performance of Raven and showings of Dancing in Water: the Making of River and Naked: A Gallery View.

Eiko & Koma answered some lively questions from the audience, including "what do you think about when you perform Naked for six hours?" (Eiko's answer: "Not my shopping list.")

Audiences also enjoyed seeing a preview of the video console that Eiko & Koma are working on for their upcoming engagement at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, where in addition to installing Naked, they will have video works on display.

This performance was free--the first of an entire year of free performances in New York, celebrating Eiko & Koma's 35th year in New York City and 40th year as collaborators.