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A poem from the program of Fur Seal (1977) | Eiko + Koma
A poem from the program of <i>Fur Seal</i> (1977)
photo by Kazunobu Yanagi

A poem from the program of Fur Seal (1977)

Fur Seal
adapted by Eiko from "Seals" written by  Mitsuharu Kaneko in 1937 

The Sunlight beats down like sleet
Today is their wedding feast
Today is their big holiday

All day long they wallow in the mud
Ceaselessly bowing and curtsying
Rubbing their find together
And rolling their bodies like barrels

Fur seal
How foul-smelling is your breath
How slimy is your back
Clammy as the abysmal depth i an open grave
Your body is ponderous as sandbags
How mediocre, how banal you are
Your somber elastic shape
Your dolorous lumps of rubber
Bob and sink in the sea
In the sorrowful rays of the evening twilight