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Cambodian Stories (2006) | Eiko + Koma

Cambodian Stories (2006)

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Performance excerpt.

In creating and performing Cambodian Stories: Offering of Painting and Dance, Eiko & Koma collaborated with 11 young artists who graduated from Reyum Art School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These artists, the Reyum Painting Collective, learned to dance for the first time over the course of this collaboration. During each performance, they not only danced with EIko & Koma but also created large scale paintings on stage.

The work was initially conceived during Eiko & Koma's first visit to Cambodia. In 2004, after receiving an invitation from Reyum Institute and support from the Asian Cultural Council, Eiko & Koma stayed in Phnom Penh for a month and developed friendships with Reyum students. In subsequent visits, they arranged many work-in-progress performances in Cambodia during 2005.

Cambodian Stories toured 12 U.S. cities in the spring of 2006. At each theater, the paintings of the young artists, including the stage sets, were sold to raise money for their school. The video shown above is an excerpt from their performance at the Asia Society in May 2006.