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Delicious Movement manifesto | Eiko + Koma
Delicious Movement manifesto
photo by Andy Mogg

Delicious Movement manifesto

  1. Move to rest, sleep, and dream.

  2. Move to pass time, bloom, and linger.

  3. Move to taste and share.

  4. Move to forget and remember.

  5. Move to experience a body as part of a landscape and landscape as a body; both breathe and move.

  6. Move to experience time is not even and space is not empty.

  7. Move to experience distance is malleable.

  8. Look at dance as a flower that grows, blooms, wilts, to be noticed, be nurtured and be savored.

  9. Appreciate life as movement (even in relative stillness).

  10. Feel everyone’s life as an unrecoverable, transient, precious process within a larger sense of time and space.

  11. Nurture kinetic imagination and kindness to oneself and others living or dead.

  12. Be with others (present or lost), find a way to enjoy conflicts, and negotiate. Learn by experience.

  13. Be sensual. Be beautiful and inviting in ways that are not necessarily sexual.

  14. Dance a solo as a duet with a shadow. Dance a duet as a solo remembering a shadow.

  15. Enjoy the flow of life but also enjoy being stuck. There is always something that can move even when one is stuck.

  16. Move to create sustainable culture of peace.

  17. Think about what dead people might want from us.

  18. Move to value artistic and philosophical differences.

  19. Honor silence.

  20. Please add your own.

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Manifesto in Japanese Link

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