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The Caravan Project | Eiko + Koma
The Caravan Project
photo by Koma

The Caravan Project (1999)

The Caravan Project is a mobile, outdoor installation that takes place after dark in a specially modified trailer. The trailer contains everything necessary for the performance so the work can be presented in various settings, such as a public park, a parking lot, a college green or even someone's backyard. Under the night sky, doors open on all four sides and reveal the installation that nestles Eiko & Koma's bodies. During the performance, the audience is free to come and go. People can view the work from whichever perspectives they choose. Eiko & Koma choose not to use music for this piece, so that the audience hears ambient sounds--be they from nature, from the city, from the audience itself.

The Caravan Project was revived and performed August 23-24, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago  and on May 3, 2012 at the Clarice Smith performing Arts Center.  See the Caravan Project Revisited.

Art Activism by Eiko

"Using The Caravan Project as a magnifying glass, we saw an analogy of the full breadth of human existence (birth through death) and emotion in this seamless collage of soundless form, space and light."

-Susan Barnard, Valley News (Hanover, NH)