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Tree Song | Eiko + Koma
Tree Song
photo by Varga Matyas

Tree Song (2004)

In Tree Song, Eiko & Koma continue their exploration of the body as a part of the landscape and the landscape as an extension of the body. Trees have been symbols of resilience, rebirth and portals through which spirits pass. Tree Song honors the iconography of trees and the primal mysteries of landscape and the human body.

Commissioned by the American Dance Festival, this outdoor work was often performed with a large tree as a backdrop. In New York, at the graveyard of St. Mark's Church, Sharon Dennis Wyeth sung and pianist Georgia Wyeth played her own composition live. 50 minutes.

"At a tree, night arrives moist.
Its smell attracts animals and people alike.
All breathe, echoing ancient memories.
Trees have not abandoned us."

"This hour-long piece subtly suggests an entire life cycle. Primal rites hold no terror for Eiko & Koma. The great power of Tree Song lay in its inexorable flow and in the shapes these two highly focused, primordial creatures made in passing."

-Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times