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press quotes
By the River - photo by Jack Vartoogian

press quotes

"There is no one like these two dancer-choreographers. Theirs is the intensity of strong, white light, exhausting but beautiful."
-Jennifer Dunning, Dance Magazine

"You can trace various influences running through the work of all artists. But more than most choreographers, Eiko & Koma seem to inhabit a singular artistic space, as if they had come into being fully formed, the creative equivalent of Athena springing from the head of Zeus, ready for war. They are creatures of the stage, not the battlefield. The out-of-time, fantastical worlds that this Japanese-American pair create through glacial movement and magical design elements linger in the mind’s eye long after each performance concludes."
-Claudia La Rocco, New York Times

"It is dancing that is at once theatrically concise and emotionally expansive, dancing that takes place in the arena of life just as much as in the theater."
-Craig Bromberg, Los Angeles Times

"They are not only supreme in their field, they seem to have created a new order of movement, and there they range alone. They are masters of stillness, of suspense and of the Japanese concept of 'white space,' where emptiness completes and intensifies a movement or shape...In everything they do, you sense the absolute and mysterious beauty of the body."
-Kate Regan, San Francisco Chronicle

"If Eiko and Koma could replenish the fecundity of land the way they restore the sacral energy of human gestures in their dances, no living thing would go hungry on Earth. These Japanese performers and choreographers invoked a world so exquisite in its detail and so ferocious in its impact that it left an audience reeling."
-Debra Cash, Boston Globe

"As much of a tour de force as we have come to expect of these distinguished artists, who remain in the forefront of contemporary dance by virtue of their daring, imagination and originality...The world of Eiko & Koma is a pitiless one, but it's never stagey or contrived. The power of their work derives, aside from the prodigious muscular and rhythmic control of the performances, from the uncompromising purity of their vision."
-Alan M. Kriegsman, Washington Post

"Movement is the essence of dance. But its complement--stillness--can also be a rich subject for choreographic study. Eiko & Koma, a Japanese duo based in New York, make a persuasive case that stasis is equal to kinesis in providing grist for the eyes and the emotions...The dancers (who sometimes appear nude but never behave erotically) have refined their movements into a seamless flow of pared-down gestures, executed with constant precision and a kind of stark elegance. Eiko and Koma are unique."
-David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

"Form and content are so inseparably joined in (their dances) as to make each a vision of existence. Eiko & Koma concern themselves with universal processes of creation and destruction, and they harbor few illusions about nature. Their dances are grim. Yet, even if they are not dances to please timid souls, they do possess dignity and even a kind of austere beauty...The dances of Eiko & Koma unite terror with grandeur."
-Jack Anderson, New York Times