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delicious movement | Eiko + Koma
delicious movement
photo by Ryoko Nagakubo

delicious movement

Delicious Movement Workshops are designed for all people who love to move or who want to love to move with delicious feelings. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy the experience.

The workshops are emphatically noncompetitive and appropriate to all levels of training and ability.
Eiko & Koma hope each participant will develop lifelong pleasure in dancing any time, anywhere available to them, whether professionally or in their living room.

The exercises employ images, body articulation, floor work, and largely slow movement. However, the aim of the workshop is not to teach these. Rather, the participants, through their personal digestion of the material and of the improvisation and nonchalant partnership, which supports it.  are encouraged to acquire personal taste and flexible discipline to suit their own moving body.

For many participants, seeing movement intimately and being seen moving are a transformative experience, which brings a new appreciation of how "time is not even and space is not empty."


1. Move to rest, sleep, and dream.

2. Move to pass time, bloom, and linger.

3. Move to taste and share.

4. Move to forget and remember.

Full Manifesto

Responses and reports
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