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River (Outdoor) | Eiko + Koma
River (Outdoor)
photo by Bruce R.Feeley

River (Outdoor) (1995)

From Program Notes:

Each river site where we performed our piece was very much alive. Along with the audience and passers-by, we were guests of the river, and grateful for the beauty and pleasure we were allowed to share. Nor were these and we the only guests. Bats, insects, wind, twilight, moon, mist, children, geese and fishermen were there before and after, but they did not seem to mind our being in the river with them. It felt wonderful to be included. The locals who hung around became part of the production. Even things that would normally be distractions inside a theater became part of the scenery, for which we can take neither blame nor credit. We prepared ourselves with easy breathing so we could dream and so the audience could join us in our dream.  If some preferred, they could have joined the geese's dream instead, or the moon's. Rowboats drifting by and voices whispering in wonderment did not interrupt these dreams. Such inclusiveness is a joy.
--Eiko, September 1995.

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